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A Portrait of Greenville - Invitational Art Exhibit
Greenville County Museum of Art, Greenville,  SC

greenville skylineA Portrait of Greenville surveys the impressive achievements by local, regional and nationally-recognized artists who have created work in Greenville since the mid-1980s.  Read more...

Fall 2013 Classes

Mr. McCullough will be teaching 2 workshops in October. Dates and prices are coming soon. Our email newsletter signup is also coming soon to let you know when workshops and classes are scheduled.  {CLASSES}

1974 mcculloughWilliam McCullough
was born in 1948 and is a native of South Carolina.  In 1968, he left South Carolina for the National Academy of Art and Design in New York City.  He spent four years figure drawing and painting at the National Academy of Design and he studied under acclaimed realist painters Eric Eisenberger and Daniel Greene. During his time in the northeast he also had the opportunity to apprentice with Robert Brackman and John Koch.

Realistic portraiture and poignant landscapes became his trademark, as well as skillfully executed still-lifes.

McCullough can be found painting at his studio on his family farm, or his home in the village of Pougnadoresse, France.


William McCullough, Southern Painter, in Conversation with
William Baldwin, Southern Writer

william mccullough book

With an artistic appreciation for the world surrounding him that springs forth from each inspired brushstroke, Southern realist painter William McCullough has produced a truly remarkable body of work in his celebrated forty-year career.  From a stately stand of plantation oaks awash in the stark light of dusk to the weathered boards of a Charleston single house shaded by palmettos, McCullough captures as no one else the quiet grandeur of his diverse subjects.  Read more...

Compiled by Currie McCullough | Softback 96pp. $22.99 | The History Press, May 18th, 2006